They call our perspective

My world view is shaped by the lenses I use,


My perspective is always framed

Never just the lens itself

I see the edge of reality between the space where

The frame


And the blind spot


And it is in this border between worlds where the quiet




Where I have no clear framed lens

On the edges of my vision

Where magic might exist

Where darkness begins to creep

Where you never truly see

In the quiet corners.

A spectacle occurs.

‘Take back what’s yours’ — Kyle van Zyl. Instagram: @kylewhylie

You sit in your house.

The future is unclear; suddenly, a shared moment with millions across the world, for once all wanting the same thing — familiarity? A sense of normalcy, unbound and unfettered.

we are not good with change

Yet our adaptability is our greatest strength. Human beings are…

Something I’ve been thinking about is communication. Why it seems so obvious, but in practise, can be difficult. Initially I was thinking specifically of the strange relationship between men and women, and why couples often battle to communicate, but I realised it extends past that, into absolutely every relationship humans…

I’ve been on medication for depression and anxiety twice in my life. Once when I was diagnosed in high school, once when my parents split up when I was 22. I can’t remember the name of the pills from the first round, but the more recent one was Serdep-500 for…

My brother surprised me with flights to and from NYC, complete with accommodation, tours, a Broadway show, and a list of places to eat. The quintessential New York trip!

And then my visa was denied.

As someone who has suffered from severe anxiety, depression and deep-seated self-loathing, it broke me…

This meme got me. At first, I was all, “OMFG so relatable!”

Then I looked at it again, and thought about it for a second. What follows is an exploration of my second reaction.

Firstly, it was clear to me that all of those “voices” — depression, paranoia, anxiety, narcissism…

I could tell something was wrong. My eyes were closed, but I felt empty, kind of. Hollow. Not all there, you know? In terms of my body, not my mind. I already sound like a mental patient trying to assert their sanity to a team of doctors, I know that…

A note on being human.

Here’s the thing.

If we take a small step back from our personal narrative and look at the world as though we were an observer instead of someone living on it, things become different.

7 billion people. All evolved with a conscious brain, each with…


I opened my eyes one morning, and was surprised to see my own body lying on my bed. It became apparent fairly quickly that I had died, but there was no sign of how. There was nothing to be done about it. I felt no sadness…

Jonathan Cohen

They're just words, man. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't. But, by God, if I don't love them regardless...

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